Clubhouse Director Position Open

Today after 30 years, Clubhouse looks for the next Executive Director.

For me as the Executive Director, the past three decades have been nothing short of truly life changing forwarding Clubhouse’s vision in youth leadership.  I have watched over 14,000 children and teens grow in self-awareness, leadership and faith. All while they built relationships together, future career skills and knowledge of social justice. All of this is more than I could have ever dreamed.

As I approach 60 years of life, I am more aware of what I can do physically and what my next might look like. This awareness includes ensuring Clubhouse has the leadership and energy that will continue beyond my reach. For this to happen the search for the next Director is necessary.  Even though this is a bitter sweet task it’s an important process to further this critical organization into the post pandemic reality.  There are many amazing potential leaders out there.  I pray as you read, you will share and encourage others with organizational leadership and passion for developing teens to mentor children in a faith setting to contact Clubhouse.

I look forward to maximizing my last years of life mentoring others with the wisdom that I have been blessed with through Clubhouse, Deaconess of the United Methodist Church, community involvement, and prompting by my creator.  I am not pursuing another position until Clubhouse leadership is secured.  My trust is in God’s ultimate plan.  If I didn’t I’d forever stay as the Clubhouse Director!

Thank you to each Clubhouse child, parent, teen, adult and supporter.  You are my extended family and I will always be praying for you, cheering you on and believing in God’s AMAZING plans for YOU.  Thank you Dream Builders Group Board who have come around me for the last few years to encourage me to follow my next. Thank you Ginghamsburg Church for the vision to birth Clubhouse into reality 32 years ago – continually supporting the teen leadership and me as the Director through this unique movement called Clubhouse. 

What a testimony of God’s legacy for and within ordinary youth doing extraordinary ministry. 

Cheryl Bender

P.S. I am grateful for Richard positioning the Benders so we have flexibility in this last season of our lives. We look forward to enjoying more time together, serving others and traveling the world.